RESIZING GS1 Barcodes 

Obtaining U.P.C. Codes

Get U.P.C. codes directly through GS1 US by clicking the appropriate link below. You will be taken directly to the GS1 US store to license your U.P.C.s. Afterwards you will be directed back to AccuGraphiX so we can help you create the artwork or labels for your products.

Choose a GS1 US GTIN or a GS1 Company Prefix based on your product line growth.

A GS1 US GTIN is a great option for small companies that are looking to quickly list their products for sale. A GS1 US GTIN can be licensed for $30 and there is no annual renewal fee for a GS1 US GTIN.

A GS1 Company Prefix allows businesses to get multiple GTINs at a single time, as well as identify locations, mixed cases, create coupons, and create higher levels of packaging like a case or pallet. It’s part of every barcode you create and is the key to uniquely linking your company to your products in the marketplace.  Your initial fee is the cost of GS1 US Membership and is based on the “capacity” chosen. After that, you’ll pay an annual renewal fee to continue using your prefix and barcodes.

Get a GS1 US GTIN                              Get a GS1 Company Prefix

Why GS1 US?

GS1 is the global authority for the unique identification of products and companies, which serve as the building blocks for barcodes. Retailers often name GS1 as their preferred barcode vendor, but many 3rd party barcode vendors claim they have GS1 barcodes. Although their barcodes may have originated from GS1, they do not carry the benefits of licensing a barcode directly from GS1 US. Only barcodes from GS1 uniquely identify your company as the brand owner of that product.

Retailers often verify the authenticity of your barcodes by checking in the GS1 Database before they allow you to sell on their site. If your company is not listed in the database as the brand owner of that barcode, your account might be suspended, or you might need to relabel your products. Both will cost you time and money.

What are the benefits of GS1 US Membership?

As a part of GS1 US membership you will gain access to GS1 US | Data Hub Product, the tool you use to create barcodes and manage your product data. Members also gain access to their online customer portal, which can be used to update your company and contact information, request general support from GS1 US, access any subscriptions you may have, view and pay invoices, and more.

Does GS1 US provide the barcode?

No, but when they become a GS1 US member, they receive a unique single GS1 US GTIN or GS1 Company Prefix. GS1 US GTIN holders will receive their unique identification number as part of their order fulfillment, not the barcode itself. The access to Data Hub that comes with their membership will enable the member to generate the barcode as a PNG file only.  Members who receive a GS1 Company Prefix have the ability to create identification numbers for barcodes to use on products, locations, shipping units, and more.

When you return to AccuGraphiX, we can assist with helping you create your barcode(s) as EPS (vector) files.  AccuGraphiX offers a GS1 US New Member Discount. Just call or mention our Welcome Discount when placing your order.*

* A $40.00 minimum invoice amount (excluding shipping and tax) is required. Discount applies to Same Day labels and/or eps files. This offer applies to your first same day, in-stock, barcode label order. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Get your UPC Codes from GS1 US

The GS1 US checkout process has 3 easy steps and you will receive a welcome email from GS1 US within minutes. In addition, you can select to have your GS1 US GTIN or Company Prefix shared back with AccuGraphiX as part of the fulfillment process.

Get a GS1 US GTIN                              Get a GS1 Company Prefix

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