1What is ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identifier assigned to every book, which provides a standard way to identify books in global trade.

ISBN Label
2Where do I get my ISBN Number?
A company called RR Bowker issues the ISBN numbers for a fee. For an ISBN application, click here .
3What is the 5-digit add-on code?
The 5-digit add-on code, commonly referred to as the "price code" represents the suggested retail price of the book and is located to the right of the main bar code.
Bookland EAN Bar Code Price Code - 5-Digit Add-on Table

50001 to 59998 - US$ 0.01 to US$ 99.98
59999 - Price over 99.98; enter manually
10000 to 19999 - US$ 100.00 to US$ 199.99
20000 to 29999 - US$ 200.00 to US$ 299.99
30000 to 39999 - US$ 300.00 to US$ 399.99
40000 to 49999 - US$ 400.00 to US$ 499.99
90000 to 98999 - Price not encoded; enter manually
99000 to 99999 - Reserved for industry wide uses; no pricing uses known
If you do not have a suggested retail price for your book, you will need to use 90000 as the price code.

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