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ISBN - Getting Started

I am writing a book and I need an ISBN and a bar code. What do I do?

Step 1: Purchase your ISBN Number(s) from the ISBN Agency:
R.R. Bowker is the ISBN Agency that issues the ISBN numbers for a fee. To apply for an ISBN application, click here. Present processing fees are: 10 ISBN's $245, 100 ISBN's $930, 1,000 ISBN's $1,570 (Prices are subject to change). Faster delivery (less than 15 days) is available for an extra fee.

Step 2: Assign your ISBN number and price code to your book.

Step 3: If your book has already been published, you will need pre-printed bar code labels.

Order Same Day ISBN Labels

If you are in the process of printing your book, you will need an eps file containing the bar code artwork to forward to your printer or graphic artist.
Order Instant ISBN EPS Files

SPECIAL NOTE: There are many companies offering bar code service but few have the expertise that AccuGraphiX offers. There are some key differences between AccuGraphiX and other bar code services:

1. AccuGraphiX supplies your bar codes in EPS Formats that consistently produce high quality bar codes and can be used with all of the popular graphic software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, etc. Other services such as Bowker/ISBN Agency may provide bar code files in a tiff format and jpeg that has an unreliable scannability rate when printed and is therefore not generally recommended for bar codes.

2. AccuGraphiX generally provides bar codes in an 80% magnification but, can supply 80% to 200% depending on your space requirements and printing capabilities. For example, with offset printing which is often used in the book industry, an 80% bar code can easily be printed with a very high scannability rate thus minimizing the space taken by the bar code. Other services including Bowker/ISBN Agency are limited to larger bar code magnifications that may cause a problem if you have a limited amount of space on your book cover.

3. AccuGraphiX emails your EPS files to you Stuffed for Mac or Zipped for PC...It is your choice. Others including Bowker/ISBN Agency are limited to emailing zipped files only.

4. AccuGraphiX has the knowledge and experience to make sure that you get the highest quality bar codes for all of your publishing needs. We have been producing bar codes for the book industry for over 20 years. That's 18 years longer than the ISBN Agency and longer than most other bar code companies for that matter! Bowker/ISBN Agency is the authority on ISBN numbers but they are novices when it comes to bar codes. They called us to give them guidance on how to create bar codes that followed industry specifications. If you need help regarding ISBN, call the company that the ISBN Agency called...AccuGraphiX!

5. AccuGraphiX is a small business, one of the millions of small businesses across the nation who are working hard for you!! You will get personalized customer service that you can expect from a small business. Try us and you will experience something that is often missing from large companies or agencies and that is Service.