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GS1 DataBar Coupon

The GS1 DataBar Coupon will provide manufacturers more flexibility to code more complex offers. This will ensure effective, traceable, and authentic coupons. The GS1 DataBar Coupon provides more options to reduce misredemption and reduce cashier intervention when complex offers are placed within the coupon bar code.

Also, retailers can gain efficiency at Point-of-Sale (POS) by implementing the GS1DataBar Coupon. It allows for automatic expiration date check and for chain specific coupon promotions. Also, it will automatically tie double coupon value limits to exact purchase requirements.

GS1 DataBar Coupon


  • Details regarding specified quantity, description and validation of offers can be implemented.
  • Complete encoding of GS1 Company Prefixes. The existing structure only allows companies with a 6-digit Prefix, however, the new format will allow variable length prefixes.
  • Coupon value codes will allow for any amount up to $999.99. Currently, value codes are limited to a table of approximately 100 possibilities.
  • Fraud is reduced because complex offers are placed within the bar code and is not visible in human readable form.
  • Coupons will exclusively contain the GS1 DataBar format beginning January 2011.
  • It enables automatic expiration date checking for retailers.

The GS1 DataBar Coupon with its multiple data field options and large data capacity allows for improved quality control, specific product identification and fraud prevention.

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